Who We Are

Nextgen Battery Technology

EnergyLink3 has an exclusive license of C4V™ battery management and energy management systems, to support the United States Department of Defense. C4V is an intellectual property company based in Binghamton, New York with expertise and patented discoveries in Lithium-Ion battery composition and manufacture. EnergyLink3 has supply agreement with iM3NY for Cobalt and Nickle free lithium ion cells and looking forward to integrating those into mission critical systems for DOD.
EnergyLink3 batteries will be manufactured in the United States through a green supply chain of materials, majority sourced in the United States, or through United States Allies.
The underlying materials science of C4V’s patented inventions boasts robust crystal structures that enable high voltage operations, in addition to superior corrosion resistance that enhances battery performance, while reducing the cost of ownership. C4V’s patented molecules allow us to extract the best performance at the system level.

Industry Applications

EnergyLink3 Industry Summary

  • IP – expertise, experience, infrastructure – Majority in the United States
  • 100GWh by 2028: >12,000 Direct + 12,000 Indirect jobs
  • Could play key role with significant local content in:

AI, VTOL, Solar, Charging Stations, E-Mobility, Smart Grid etc.

  • Ecosystem that would have ripple impact in future technologies:

IOT, Robotics, Automation, Super Fast Transport (AV, Ride Share etc.)

  • Supply Chain partners committed to disrupt the battery industry
  • Stable Supply Chain is Crucial To Succeed:-
  • Supply Chain of Components * Supply Chain of Intellectual Knowledge
  • Supply Chain of Machinery * Supply Chain of Capital

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